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Chrome Plate PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag

In Just for $ 199.99



Weight : 11.66 lb

Particular i
Size Color
M Black


This amazing motorcycle saddlebag features chrome plate along the bottom of the bag. The chrome plate is designed to add shine to your ride, and to protect the saddlebag from heat. We cover the chrome plate with our blue foil to make sure it does not get scratched.

Dimensions: 13" x 6.25" x 10"

Chrome plate along the bottom of the bag

Zip off bag with heavy duty velcro cover & lock

Universal fitting

Inlucdes a hard sheet inside the bag with 4 pockets

Heavy duty q-release

100% Water proof

UV protected & will not turn white in extreme heat

Bag is designed to hold its shape

4 Tie down ribbons on each side for extra security

Shipping weight 16.5 pounds

Not a cooler bag. Not intended to use with water & ice

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